Teen Essentials: Infinity Scarf


In the 2013/2014 winter season, knit and fabric Infinity scarves have been in popular stores across every mall in America. Personally, I like knit scarves better because they go with every flannel and fleece, but I wear both. Knit scarves go better in the winter but light, airy, fabric scarves can be worn year-round.

Tips for accessorizing:

Light, Fabric Scarves- Wear these with t-shirts, tanks, or big, bulky sweaters. These don’t go well with thick fleeces or puffy winter coats. They tend to seem too small on fleeces and coats.

Heavy, Knit Scarves- These scarves tend to look better with soft flannels and light or heavy boyfriend cardigans. You don’t want to wear these with thin henley tees or tanks. Bulky Infinities look great with fleeces, leggings, and Uggs or military style boots!