Fall #1

Fall #1

Fall #1 by annam0601 featuring a mesh top



In my area, school hasn’t started just yet. Just yet. For me, that means that today is the first day of school. Luckily, I had no summer homework, which must be some sort of miracle because that has never happened to me before. Ever. While everyone is worrying away about work, a few of my friends and I can just concentrate on my outfit for the first day of school. And so this year happened to be the one year that my outfit took absolutely no concentration. What are the odds?

A Look at the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

Recently, (meaning right now), I have been looking at a cute new camera. I was actually looking for this exact camera, which took a while because I didn’t know its name. Or brand. Or even what it completely looked like. So eventually I realized that I should just look for instant cameras. I literally found it in an instant. (Pun intended). Anyhoo, this camera only costs $65.00 and comes in five cute colors: pink, blue, hello, white, and black.  The only downside is that you need film for it. But you will still always know how your photos come out because they print immediately!



5 Fall Trends for Back to School

1. Skater Skirts



Most girls rock the skater skirts with solid or graphic t-shirts. Dress it up a bit with a cute denim tank and different types of booties and sandals!


2. Shiny/Sparkeles!!!


Many shirts/skirts like this are popular when you mix them with shirts/skirts blinged out with sparkles!


3. Varsity Jackets


An adorable trend this fall is Varsity Jackets, which look cute with t shirts, denim and sneakers, like Vans and Converse.

4. Floral Snapbacks


Floral snapbacks go well with the previously noted skater skirt and also graphic tees.

5. Crossbody Bags


Crossbody bags are by far my favorite trend this fall!!! These bags seem to go with everything and thats what I love about them!



Can We Go Thrift Shoppin?

Soon, I am finally going to go thrift shopping for some fun things with my friend. Where I live, there is a thrift shop for teens where you can sell clothes and come home with some cash and one or two cute new outfits! Hopefully I can find some cute new things for back to school and a little bit of cash for spending! (Honestly, I will be disappointed if they don’t play the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)

Failed Mani Thursday?


I try to paint my nails a lot. But there has been very very very few times when it has actually turned out well. So I thought that instead of posting something like Textured Tuesday, (although it did turn out really bumpy) or Stamping Saturday (and I did try to paint a heart on the other hand), so I guess this is the first ever Textured Stamp Thursday! Moral of the post: I should not try to paint my own nails, especially my left hand, without help. 🙂